Frequently Asked Questions

The Conscious Business Institute Culture & Leadership Program isn't for everyone. These questions and answers will help you determine whether this is the right program for you or your organization.

Who is the CBI Program ideally for?

Professionals searching for a more inspiring, fulfilling and successful way to work and lead

Organizations who want to develop a conscious & inspiring leadership culture

Entrepreneurs who want to build more conscious & inspiring businesses

We have developed this program because we have seen a deep yearning from people in the workplace for a more fulfilling and balanced way to work and succeed. This program provides an alternative paradigm for work & business that can be used by companies of any size.

The CBI Program has made a lasting impact for executives at global corporations, for startups, and for individuals who are simply searching for a better, more authentic way to succeed.

We deliver this program in-person, online, or in a combination of both in order to optimize the impact for any participant interested in improving the way we work and do business.

How much time do I need for the program?

Our experience shows that it is best to allocate between 4 and 8 weeks per module.

Depending on your time commitment, you can complete each module in 1 week, or you can take 2 months. It’s like everything in life: The more you put in the more you’ll get out. Since the material in this program goes very deep, we strongly suggest you take time to digest and integrate each segment.

When we implement the program in organizations for people who have a job, we usually allocate 2 months per module, or 8-10 months for the entire program (5 modules).

This program works on the level of mindsets and perceptions. It’s not a quick-fix how-to program. This is why we strongly suggest you allocate time to digest and integrate the material.

How is the CBI Program different?

This program is different in two fundamental ways:

1. It works on the level of mindset & perceptions (consciousness), which increases impact and lasting effect

2. It doesn’t tell people what they need to DO different (traditional approach) – it provides a new THINKING, which in turn allows people to operate more effectively in all areas of life

This program doesn’t only address operational aspects (how-to-approach), it also addresses the emotional and energetic aspects in individuals and organizations. As we touch these deeper levels in people, we see a positive ripple effect that extends to all aspects of a person’s life – their work, their relationships, their families, and even their overall well-being.

This program is different in that it doesn’t provide a fix for the way we currently work and operate. It provides a new “operating system”.

When will the other modules be available?

We are currently making the core modules of the program - Module 1 – 3 - available for online learning.

Module 4 - 5 are available in-person and via web-based learning. We plan to make Module 4 & 5 available via online learning between Fall 2017 and Summer 2018.

Is this Conscious Business stuff really working?

According to the feedback we receive from people around the world, it works far better than traditional approaches.

Honestly, we have asked this question, ourselves, for a long time. But throughout the years we have seen incredible, lasting changes in the people we worked with. Often to the point that both our clients and our facilitators scratch their heads, wondering: “how did this happen?”

Neuroscience research shows that more than 90% of our happiness is determined by our consciousness. Only 10% by our material world – our house, cars, money, job etc. We are impacting a very potent lever by addressing consciousness aspects.

Why did you develop this program?

We developed this program because we saw a deep pain in people, a deep yearning for a better, healthier and more fulfilling way to work.

We also saw that in a world with finance & resource crisis, climate change, generational changes, globalization, and billions of people asking for more stuff, our traditional approaches to leadership and business are reaching a limit. They are not sustainable, anymore. Not for our planet, not for our organizations, and not for our own well-being.

We developed this program to provide an alternative, more effective way to work and do business. And maybe, as a result, we will make a positive difference in the world.

Is there a way to mix personal interaction with online learning?

Yes. We offer the program in modalities that are best for your purpose. Online, face-to-face, or in a combination thereof.

We make the CBI Program available in personal one-on-one sessions, group sessions, self-guided online videos, web conferences, or a combination thereof.

In many cases, we start in an organization with face-to-face workshops & coaching, bring online programming in the mix for middle management, and use self-guided online programming for the majority of employees to allow scalability & cost-effectiveness.

Can I use specific elements of the program in my organization?

Yes. Please contact us to discuss your circumstances.

The program follows a structured methodology, so you can expect the greatest impact when you or your people go through the entire program.

However, if you are searching for specific solutions – e.g. for conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, communication, or culture change, we are happy to suggest and package specific sections of the program for you.

Can the CBI Program help me in my startup?

You betcha.

Before we reached out to large organizations, we have tested this program with many startups. We know it works – especially since many of the elements have been designed by experts in technology startup and VC industries.

This program focuses on building a strong core in any organization. A strong culture, empowered people, collaborating teams, and functioning leadership. If you are looking for more pragmatic help with setting up your business – for example business plan development, financial management, marketing or sales, we suggest you use many of the business building programs available.

Please call us if you have a question whether this is the right program for your startup.

Will I be able to get 1-on-1 time with the CBI team?

Yes, we make 1-on-1 time with CBI team members available through web-conference and upon request.

We often include 1-on-1 time with CBI team members as part of the CBI Program. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and financial parameters.

Can several people in our team take the program, together?

Yes, we are happy to set up groups for you, so you can take the program with colleagues, friends, or business partners.

Can I become an affiliate of the Conscious Business Institute?

Yes. Please read below to understand the process and the requirements.

We believe that we can only make a real impact if we use the power of networks. We are always looking for Conscious Business Ambassadors who share the same ideas, and who can become a part of our movement.

Requirement for becoming a CBI Ambassador is a) to complete the program and b) to successfully complete an online test, so that we understand your grasp of the material. We don’t believe that our approaches are the answer to everything, so we always invite our affiliates and ambassadors to keep their own approaches and add them to the mix.

Do you have a refund policy?


For individuals, we are happy to refund the cost for the program less the processing fees if you feel the program is not for you.

However, this material takes time to sink in, so we ask you to sincerely go through the program and let it do its work for a few months. If, after a few months, you still think this is not for you, we will refund your investment.

If you are a business client, we ask you to assess the program before rolling it out in your organization. We do not refund business purchases.

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