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Create Success On Your Own Terms.

Expand Your Impact As A Coach, Facilitator, And Leader.

Use Conscious Business Principles To Create A Better Way To Work & Live.


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Join this interactive webinar and learn

01. A proven approach for building inspiring, purpose-driven, conscious organizations (Many people speak about changing the way we conduct business. You'll get a proven approach to get there).

02. A pathway to create a be yourself, love your job, and create success on your own terms (Understand who you are here to "be" - and how this is the basis for your success).

03. How to grow your impact as a coach, trainer, or leader by including Conscious Business approaches. (Grow your impact to more and larger opportunities).

04. How you can become part of a global Conscious Business Ambassador Network. (Become part of a like-minded group of professionals in 16 countries that support you in living your purpose).

05. Increase your income. (As you have more impact and get the opportunity to work with us in global assignments).

06. Understand the hidden pattern that repeatedly creates struggle & stress in your life (And what you can do to reduce that). 

...and more



Peter Matthies is a recovering venture capitalist and founder of the Conscious Business Institute.

Joe Laranjeiro, International Partner with CBI, spent 18 years working intimately with some of the world’s well-known organizations, leading analytics and data technology engagements with premier global clients. 


For more than 10 years, the Conscious Business Institute methods have helped hundreds of leaders on 5 continents.

CBI's new principles for personal and business success have already been adopted by globally leading organizations - from fast growing startups to 100,000 people multinationals.

If you, too, want to create a better way to work and live, join us for this webinar. Make the impact you're here to make.

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