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Conscious Business Institute Culture & Leadership Program, the personal & executive development program for
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intel“I’ve been applying all the wonderful learning and I’m happy to say it has been going really well. It’s so heartening to get emails from my people saying they appreciate my leadership – and that is all thanks to the CBI Program.”

- H.M., VP Intel

image3"Thank you for your professional coaching support during the intensive leadership program. You provided an excellent atmosphere, which continues to promote an inspiring leadership foundation in our organization."

K.C., VP, BMW Group China

image2"I found a new freedom – a relaxation in my mind and feelings. But the greatest accomplishment is that I lost my fear of not being enough. I gained new self-confidence."

- H.B., VP, Siemens

image4"We give a 3 out of 5 rating if our people deliver 100%. Your program was at a 5 out of 5. Thank you for working with our top managers around the world"

- W.K. SVP Hapag-Lloyd

We Believe It Is Time To Change The Way We Work & Conduct Business

Whether you want to lead more effectively, build collaborative teams, or create an inspiring business culture, the Conscious Business Leadership Program provides the step-by-step approach to get you there. 

The Conscious Business Program combines the latest developments in organizational development, neuroscience, personal development and human behavior.

It helped companies from 1 to 100,000+ people create a shift in the thinking, behaviors, and leadership readiness of their key executives. Our sincere hope is that we will be able to help you and your company achieve the same.

With much appreciation,

Peter Matthies and the Conscious Business Institute Team



About the Conscious Business Institute

The Conscious Business Institute was founded in 2005 by former software entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Peter Matthies. Assessing hundreds of companies, he realized that our world will be confronted with fundamental changes, and that our current leadership models are not designed to meet these challenges. 

So we developed new ones: paradigm-shifting approaches to leadership & business that do not only meet the challenge ahead of us, but enable businesses to actually benefit from these challenges by building highly engaging and inspiring cultures.

Our programs and approaches have impacted global corporations like Siemens, BMW Group, Intel, or Allianz, and we are honored that our clients continue to work with us after they witness the sustainable impact of our approaches. 

What Exactly Will Participants Learn In The CBI Program?


The CBI Leadership Program is an inspiring training & coaching program that helps your organization, step-by-step, build a purpose-driven culture and empowered, responsible leaders on every level in the organization

The CBI Leadership Program is available in-person, in virtual settings, and fully online, so your organization has access to leadership & culture program that can scale with your organization. We can work with your top management in person, mix face-to-face interaction and online programming for your middle management, and deliver self-guided online curricula for your staff.

There are 5 Core Modules, which are designed to develop the critical components for an inspired organization. “Lead Yourself”, “Empowered Relationships & Teams”, “Purpose-Driven Cultures”, “Manage a Conscious Business”, and “Become a Conscious Leader”.

It is important to know what you are getting in this program. That’s why you can find each Module outlined below.

Module 1: Authentic Power

Leading Yourself: True Success By Being Yourself

A New Model For Success
  • A new model of success to enhance purpose, fulfillment & success
  • Understand the bigger picture of what you are here to achieve
  • Your authenticity: the foundation for real success. But what is your authenticity?
Your Authentic Power
  • Understanding who you are here to be during this lifetime
  • The CBI Personality Colors Assessment: how you can access your authentic potential
  • Your unique talent – where work becomes flow
  • Why you do everything in life: your hidden drivers for purpose, energy and success
Your Purpose
  • Understand your deeper purpose in life so you can make the impact you are here to make
  • What you need to do to fulfill your purpose in your work
  • Implementing your purpose in your career
The Reason for Struggle & Stress
  • Why the way we work & do business sets us up for struggle & stress
  • Understand the reason for all struggle & conflict in your business
  • Shift your business from struggle & resistance to mutual respect & growth
Your Emotional System
  • Understand the recurring patterns in your work that create negative results
  • Learn your Emotional System and becoming emotionally intelligent & resilient
  • Steps you need to take to transition into your authentic power.

Module 2: Empowered Relationships

Leading People: Eliminate Conflict – Communicate With Power – Build Collaborative Teams

Founding Principles for Empowered Relationships
  • Understand the reason for ALL conflicts – and how you can change conflicts by changing your mindset
  • Why we sometimes sit in the passenger seat – and how we can move back into the driver’s seat of our life
  • Why our way to communicate is a setup for conflict and resistance
Communicating with Power & Authenticity
  • Everything you get done involves communication. How you can change your communication to get what you need
  • Learn the most important element in communication to create functioning relationships
  • How to communicate in a way that eliminates conflict and resistance
Conflict: Opportunity to build Trust & Intimacy
  • Understand why conflict is THE opportunity in your life to build trust and intimacy in relationships
  • Why conflict is your opportunity to grow yourself and your relationships
  • How you can see any conflict as better than color TV
From Competition to Collaboration
  • How to take business teams from competition to collaboration
  • How to create responsibility & accountability in your team
  • How to engage your people so they go the extra mile
4 Steps for building Deep Relationships
  • 4 simple steps that make every relationship work
  • Change your flow: stop going up the river – go down the river
  • Creating an environment of connection and support.

Module 3: Creating Purpose-Driven Cultures

Leading Businesses: Position Yourself as a Leader – Build Inspiring Cultures – Make a Difference

Be Seen as a Leader
  • What you need to do to be seen as a leader
  • Why you or your business do everything you do
  • Claim your power in your career: Position yourself strongly in your career or business
Your Work’s Greater Purpose
  • Determine the greater purpose of your work or your business
  • Inspire others to become part of your purpose
  • How to lead with inspiration rather than dominance & control
Creating an Inspiring Culture
  • How you can create an inspiring culture in your team or business – wherever you are
  • How you as an individual can impact your company’s culture – even if the company management leads in a different way
  • Get a step-by-step outline for creating an inspiring leadership culture
Managing Your Culture
  • Essential steps to keeping an inspiring culture alive in your team or business
  • Critical processes that determine the sustainability of your culture
  • How to keep a culture alive when bringing on new people or teams
Creating a Movement
  • How you can turn your company into a movement
  • Understand how you can move to a management to a leadership role
  • How to ease your workload by creating buy-in from your people.

Module 4: Managing a Conscious Business

Managing Businesses: Conscious Business Principles for Day-to-Day Business

Creating Value through Values
  • How to increase the value and attractiveness of your business through values
  • How to have your people live and work by the values of your organization
  • Learn how other organizations create value through values
Conscious Business Decision Making
  • How to make conscious decisions in high-pressure situations
  • Processes you need to put in place to keep your Conscious Business culture alive
  • Business planning in a Conscious Business
Sustainability & Abundance
  • A sustainability model for your organization
  • How to keep your company sustainable
  • Implementing a sustainability & abundance mindset in your business
From Leader to Leader
  • Essential steps to keeping an inspiring culture alive in your team or business
  • Critical processes that determine the sustainability of your culture
  • How to keep a culture alive when bringing on new people or teams
Creating a Movement
  • Short, topic-focused interviews with inspiring leaders
  • Learn how exemplary leaders implement Conscious Business principles
  • See how other leaders deal with critical business situations.
The New Success Model in Your Business
  • Apply the new success model to your work environment
  • Get a step-by-step guideline to implement the new success model
  • How to get the support for your mission from critical stakeholders.

Module 5: Becoming a Conscious Leader

Leadership: The Leadership Model for Tomorrow’s Leaders

The Conscious Leadership Model
  • Learn how to lead as conscious and authentic leader
  • Understand which traits to strengthen in yourself and your team as a conscious leader
  • The financial, business and intangible results you can expect from becoming a conscious leader
Your Authentic Leadership Style
  • Discover Authentic Leadership style
  • How you can step into role as an authentic leader
  • Results you can expect by becoming a conscious leader
Building a Conscious Business Culture
  • How you can create a Conscious Business culture in your organization
  • Ways to develop a leadership blueprint for your organization
  • How to establish and nurture all 4 quadrants in your business
Engaging Your People
  • Learn the key to engaging you people on a deeper emotional level
  • How you can turn your people into conscious leaders – on every level in the company
  • Develop your future leaders.

What Others Say About The Program

We are deeply honored to have worked with many hundreds of outstanding executives and companies who have been touched by the power and uniqueness of the program.


“I’ve been applying all the wonderful learning and I’m happy to say it has been going really well. It’s so heartening to get emails from my people saying they appreciate my leadership – and that is all thanks to the CBI Program.” 

- H.M., VP Intel


"Thank you for your professional coaching support and enlightened guidance during the intensive leadership program. You provided an excellent bonding atmosphere among the participants, which continue to promote an inspiring leadership foundation within our organization."

-K.C., VP, BMW Group China


"I found a new freedom – a relaxation in my mind and feelings. But the greatest accomplishment is that I lost my fear of not being enough. I gained new self-confidence."

- H.B., VP, Siemens


"This program has given me the clarity to stay true to the motivations that have allowed me to succeed so far, and to draw upon those motivations in order to find further success in the future."

-D.D., VP, BMW Group


"This program is transformative. I came out with a profoundly clearer understanding about my own strengths and gifts – and why I tend to get off-center and lose my full power. I am already seeing immediate effects in my personal life and career."

 - D.C., Venture Capitalist


"We give a 3 out of 5 rating if our people deliver 100%. Your program was at a 5 out of 5. Thank you for working with our top managers around the world."

 - W.K. SVP Hapag-Lloyd


"Thank you for this program, for your guidance, and for providing a space where I can grow in authenticity and light."

- T.M., Director, Colorado State University


"The value of contracts we have already signed in the first quarter exceeds the value of everything we signed last year. If you are thinking about taking this program, my recommendation is this: stop thinking. Take it!"

 - M.S., President, Flying Horse Communications

How Will Your People Learn?

We have developed the CBI Culture & Leadership Program so it can be delivered in-person, online, or in a combination ideally suited for your budget, scale and participant preference.

Participants will be able to access the CBI Leadership Program modules on any device, whenever and wherever they are. Or if you prefer, we will create a structured process that guides a group of participants through the program. 

Each module is filled with step-by-step impact sessions, action exercises to apply to your business, and group sessions to integrate the new thinking. Your participants can learn on your computer, your tablet or your mobile device – as it fits their schedule and preferences.

The goal of this program is to give you a leadership & culture program that is affordable and scalable for your organization.


Learn on Any Device- Wherever you Are

If your team prefers to work online, we have segmented the CBI Leadership Program into 3 - 12 minute long videos so your people can learn, digest, and implement according to your own schedule.

Your people can go through the program according to your preferred learning style and timeline. They can start the program on your computer in the morning, listen on their mobile device as they commute to work, continue over lunch, and conclude on their tablet after dinner.

Or if you prefer, you can book in-person workshops & coaching to deliver the program in the most high-tough, high-impact way for you and your team.

Manage Your Team's Progress

You can easily track your progress as you see exactly which modules and action exercises you have completed, and which you still need to do. We will track your participant’s progress as we see which modules and action exercises your people have completed, and which they still need to do. Upon request, we will send out reminders to keep participants motivated and on track to complete the program, or to modify the program to optimize follow-through.


How Will Questions Be Handled?

The CBI Program includes multiple ways to get your questions answered.

Discussion Forums

Next to each training video, your participants will be able to ask questions and get responses from other program participants, and from our Conscious Business Institute facilitators & coaches. 

Live Sessions

In-person meetings with CBI facilitators and coaches provide the necessary impulses and personal touch to optimize the results of the program.   

Open Door Hours

Regular phone or web-conference “office hours” provide inspiration and a platform to ask questions. Even if your people can’t participate, they can submit questions in advance. We record our office hour sessions so your participants can listen at their own convenience. 

CBI Support

We are happy to help you with any technical issues, questions, or recommendations. Please write to us at programs(at) consciousbusinessinstitute.com and we will be there at our regular office hours. 

Still Have Questions?

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