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Join Module 2: Fulfilling Relationships & Great Teams
Starting February 20, 2018

We Believe It Is Time To Change The Way We Do Business

Whether you are seeking to work with more purpose and fulfillment, looking for a better way to lead, or want to create an inspiring business culture, the Conscious Business Ambassador™ Program is the step-by-step program to get you there.

The Conscious Business Program combines the latest developments in organizational development, neuroscience, personal development and human behavior.

This program has already impacted hundreds of executives in companies from 1 to 100,000 people – including Intel, Allianz, BMW Group, or Twitter.

For the first time, we will make the Conscious Business Program available for individuals. 

Who Is The Program For?

No matter where you work, the Conscious Business Ambassador™ Program helps you access your authentic power, so you can make the difference you are here to make. This program is for: 

Coaches & Trainers who want to become part of global Conscious Business Network

Professionals who want to work with more purpose & fulfillment

Business Owners who want to create more inspiring companies

Executives who want to create purpose-driven business cultures.


Enroll in Module 2: Fulfilling Relationships & Great Teams

The Success in Your Life is determined by the Quality of Your Relationships. 

In this program, learn about the necessary steps for building fulfilling relationships and well-functioning, collaborative teams.

We are offering this inaugural course for Module 2: Fulfilling Relationships & Great Teams at a discounted rate of $499. This is more than 50% off the standard price of $1,150. This is a one-time offer for our inaugural program. The price of this program will increase to $695 on February 14. 

To learn more about the program content and timeline, click here.

Learn In An Optimum Setting

The 2016 Conscious Business Ambassador Program is delivered in a flipped classroom setting.


Online Learning

You will obtain access to the online Conscious Business Institute Culture & Leadership Program for self-guided, self-paced learning.


Bi-Weekly Webinars

Bi-weekly webinars deepen the learning, provide a room for questions and an opportunity to interact with other participants and a Conscious Business Coach. 

Yoga poses collection - vector


Regular exercises deepen the understanding of the material and help you apply the principles to your personal life and career. 


Live Events

In certain locations, we will provide live events (additional cost may apply) to allow personal interaction, provide a community, and deepen the material.

What Others Say About The Program


"The value of contracts we signed in the first quarter exceeds everything we signed last year. If you are thinking about taking this program, my recommendation is this: stop thinking. Take it!"

-M.S., CEO, Flying Horse Communications


"I can’t begin to tell you both how grateful I am for the CBI Program. I feel a renewed sense of energy to take on the world with my talents and my purpose.”

-Teena Hamalis, Entrepreneur, Australia


"This program is transformative. I came out with a profoundly clearer understanding about my own strengths and gifts – and why I tend to get off-center and lose my full power. I am already seeing immediate effects in my personal life and career."

 - D.C., Venture Capitalist


"I found a new freedom – a relaxation in my mind and feelings. But the greatest accomplishment is that I lost my fear of not being enough. I gained new self-confidence."

- H.B., VP, Siemens


“Thank you for this program, for your guidance, and for providing a space where I can grow in authenticity and light."

-T.M., Director, Colorado State University


“I’ve been applying all the wonderful learning and I’m happy to say it has been going really well. It’s so heartening to get emails from my people saying they appreciate my leadership – and that is all thanks to the CBI Program.” 

- H.M., VP Intel

Your Learning Journey

This Conscious Business Program will guide you to places you have never been before.

5 Core Modules address critical elements of success for yourself and your organization: “Leading Yourself”, “Building Fulfilling Relationships & Teams”, “Creating Purpose-Driven Cultures”, “Managing a Conscious Business”, and “Becoming a Conscious Leader”.

To learn more about each module, click here.

Each Module is a stand-alone building block for your growth, so you can take each Module – step-by-step – and choose after each Module how you want to proceed.



Learn How To "Create Fulfilling Relationships & Great Teams" And Enroll

Module 2: “Leading Others: Creating Fulfilling Relationships & Great Teams“ covers 6 webinars, bite-sized online videos & exercises over a period of 10 weeks.  You will learn:

  • Learn the 8 Conscious Business Principles for building positive relationships & teams
  • Learn how to authentically communicate in a way that creates trust and understanding - even in a conflict situation
  • Learn how to use any conflict to improve the relationship
  • Learn how to build a culture of accountability & responsibility
  • Get 5 steps to move teams from Competition to Collaboration
  • Understand what's necessary to make Diversity & Inclusion work
  • Learn the 4 steps that will make every relationship work.

To learn more about Module 2 and to enroll, click here.


We are offering this inaugural course for Module 2 at a discounted rate of $499. This is more than 50% off the standard price of $1,150. This is a one-time offer for our inaugural program. 

You must register by February 14 to benefit from this offer. After February 14, the price will increase to $695. We can only accept limited amount of people in this program, so please register if you’d like to be part of the inaugural program.

Become A Conscious Business Ambassador™

We want to enable people around the world to make a difference – where they are – with the skill-set and network they already have – with proven Conscious Business Approaches, and a professional network of fellow travelers.

Upon completion of the Conscious Business Leadership Program, you will be able to become a Conscious Business Ambassador inside your organization or for your clients. As a Conscious Business Ambassador, you obtain access to the Conscious Business Institute Programs and a network of like-minded people.

If you are interested in becoming a Conscious Business Ambassador™ in your environment, please contact us.